Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Fire Damage – Venice Beach

Fire damage at Venice Beach residential or commercial properties produces noxious odors after the fire is extinguished. Pictured here is a hydroxyl generator that is us placed within the fire damaged area to help reduce the smoke odor after a fire. When using a hydroxyl generator to treat the telltale smoke odor, the occupants of the structure can remain in the building because there is no ozone used in the operation of the hydroxyl generator.

Santa Monica Commercial Cleaning

The wise decision is to call upon SERVPRO for a commercial kitchen cleaning job in Santa Monica. When the grease buildup invites roaches as unwanted guests, our team can use industry-leading equipment to clean the surface and also help prevent slips and falls. We are local, and we also eat here!

Fire Damage – Santa Monica Content Cleaning

Fire damage left many prized possessions of the Santa Monica family covered in soot and severely smoke damaged. They feared many of their personal treasures were beyond repair. Technology has come a long way, and SERVPRO has consistently armed itself with the most up to date equipment to serve our customers. Pictured here is SERVPRO of Santa Monica – Venice Beach’s ultrasonic workstation that was used to clean their smoke damaged items. It has proven time after time to provide more effective cleaning than hand washing.

Flood Damage at Venice Beach

Flood damage in Venice Beach called for an extensive amount of water removal and drying equipment. With the proper equipment in sufficient quantities, we were able to provide water damage clean up quickly and efficiently. The quicker we can remove the water, the smaller the dollar cost will be. SERVPRO of Santa Monica – Venice Beach maintains an abundance of tools and can respond immediately. If you need us, call (310) 395-9050. We provide 24-hour emergency service.

Storm Damage - West Los Angeles home

Storm Damage led to a vast amount of water collecting in the attic at this West Los Angeles home. Inevitably the water broke through the ceiling. When we were called the rain was still falling at a heavy clip. We located the source of the water entering through the roof and used temporary tarps to keep additional rain out. We then immediately began to clean up the water. Several "water removal equipment" units were utilized to remove the water from the home. We were able to progress to the drying phase of the project while it was still raining. The next morning the storm had passed, and the roof repair began. We started restoring the interior damage that had been done the night before. Before long we will unite the family with their home. It will be as good as new. If you encounter a similar situation, call SERVPRO of Santa Monica – Venice Beach 24/7 at (310) 395-9050.

Mold Damage - West Los Angeles

Mold damage in West Los Angeles often involves dark, hard to access areas of the compromised structure. The TechCheck Moisture Meter provides a lighted display for accurate interpretation of moisture readings. Audible alarms can be enabled to alert the technician if pre-defined moisture levels are encountered. The use of the latest technology can help our customer, the insurance company, and the environment. If you have a mold to deal with, and you want the latest technology applied to solving your challenge, call SERVPRO of Santa Monica – Venice Beach 24/78 at (310) 395-9050. We are here to help.