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Mold Damage in West Los Angeles - Why Detergent is Not Enough

11/3/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage in West Los Angeles - Why Detergent is Not Enough SERVPRO professionals not only wipe away the visible mold, but work to reduce the risk of regrowth.

SERVPRO’s IICRC-Certified Technicians Have the Skills and Knowledge to Properly Remediate Mold Damage

Mold damage is one of those things that can strike any home, at any time. All fungus needs to grow is moisture and a food source, which means that any slightly damp environment such as a bathroom or laundry room is susceptible to growth. A leaky roof, a humid summer, even a flash flood, can all cause damp and help mold sprout. SERVPRO regularly answers calls from West Los Angeles homeowners who are struggling with mold.

There is much information out there about what to do to combat mold damage in West Los Angeles. Unfortunately, some of the information available is misinformation and might even do more harm than good. One rumor that we see a lot is the old chestnut about how you can combat mold by wiping it with detergent.

The problem with using detergent to clean away mold is that the visible part of the fungus is not its only part. The bit you can see is called the mycelium, or vegetative part of the organism. However, the colony you see is not the only mold that is present in your home. There are also mold spores, which are microscopic and therefore invisible to the naked eye.

Each mycelium is composed of tiny hair-like cells from which new spores grow and are released. After release, the spores can drift through your home, or get carried on your clothes or even your pets’ fur, and then find new places with food and moisture to set up additional colonies.

We recommend putting in a call to SERVPRO at the first sign of mold. We train our IICRC-certified technicians in all aspects of mold remediation. Part of our job is to wipe away patches of black or green mold. However, we also work hard to reduce the risk of regrowth. We use dehumidifiers to reduce humidity in the area, and use probes to check for hidden pockets of moisture hidden within the structure of your home. A combination of cleaning and reducing moisture is the only practical way to remediate fungal growth.

For help with fungus in West Los Angeles, Ocean Park, Marina del Rey and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Santa Monica / Venice Beach at (310) 395-9050 today.

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