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10/7/2016 (Permalink)

For Sewage Backups or Bio-hazardous Solutions contact SERVPRO

Sewage Backups Are Biohazardous Incidents Requiring SERVPRO's Expertise

If you experience a sewer backup in your home, engage SERVPRO for speedy and professional biohazard cleaning. Whether the sewer backup was caused by a stubborn clog or roots in your sewer line or blow back when heavy rains overwhelm the city waste system, you must react immediately when contaminated water invades your home. Managing this type of water damage must be done correctly as the risk to your health and the well-being of your family is a real concern until the dangerous organisms that can proliferate in dirty water are contained and properly disposed of according to local laws and regulations.
The raw sewage and gasses that can accumulate when a backup occurs in your wastewater system require expert biohazard cleaning in Santa Monica. This material must be considered potentially infectious, possibly filled with bacteria, viruses, and molds. Handling the cleanup of such a disaster requires that personal protective equipment (PPE) be used, including hoods, eye and facial protection, and, in some cases respirators during the restoration work. Only technicians trained in state of the art biohazard mitigation should undertake the task of removing and disposing of the pathogens a sewer backup can present in your home.
This type of catastrophe can be very overwhelming, well beyond the challenges of a leaky roof or overflowing appliance. Sewage is by definition contaminated, and the human waste contained within can harbor deadly bloodborne diseases. SERVPRO employees are well trained in standards and strategies that limit the danger to your household as they also take care that the cleaning team is adequately protected on the job. When assessing the situation, our staff will ensure that all precautions are taken to safely remove the biohazards, taking particular notice of any vulnerable members of your family while devising the restoration plan. Proper cleaning methods must reflect the potential for biohazards to become airborne during the scrubbing or extraction processes. Our team and supervisors will consult with you to outline the care that must be taken, including a temporary evacuation of the premises during our cleaning if necessary for your family’s health and well-being.
Speed is of the essence when investigating and responding to a biohazard contamination of your home and SERVPRO of Santa Monica / Venice Beach welcomes a call to our dispatchers at (310) 395-9050 at any time of the day or night. Proud to be your local source for Black water control, we will remediate contaminated areas quickly, exceeding industry standards.