Recent Before & After Photos

Venice Beach Commercial Building and Groundwater

The rain flooded the parking lot of this commercial maintenance building in Venice Beach as depicted by the Before Photo. The water was relatively clean since i... READ MORE

Water Damage – Santa Monica Office Building

Water damage at this Santa Monica office building resulted when an overhead pipe above a drop ceiling burst. The water soaked the insulation, and when it became... READ MORE

Smoke from a Small Fire in a Venice Beach Garage

Not all fires cause substantial loss to property and inconveniences to the owners. This garage in Venice Beach's smoke damaging incident arose from some oily ra... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Santa Monica

Commercial water damage struck this Santa Monica office over the weekend when a plumbing failure in a bathroom allowed water to flow into the office space freel... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Santa Monica Building Site

Commercial water damage occurred at this Santa Monica building site due to the fire-suppressant sprinkler system being triggered by accident. SERVPRO was called... READ MORE

Water Damage – Santa Monica Hotel

Water damage to this Santa Monica Hotel was extensive. The property manager wanted the water cleanup to be done quickly to make the rooms on the affected floors... READ MORE

Storm Damage in El Segundo

Storm damage in El Segundo displaced the family that lived in this home. Physically, no one was injured. However, it is very stressful for a family to experienc... READ MORE

Flood Damage at West Los Angeles Home

Flood Damage to this West Los Angeles home warped and buckled the hardwood flooring. The property owners and their insurance company felt that the beautiful flo... READ MORE

Venice Beach Water Damage

When the water supply line sprung a leak in the ceiling, it caused water damage to this Venice Beach structure. It was ignored for a time and mold also began to... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Venice Beach Water Heater Closet

Mold damage in this Venice Beach water heater closet was almost inevitable. The area was dark, and there had been an ongoing leak for an extended period before ... READ MORE